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Close To Anywhere We Would Want To Live

We feel where we want to be others will want to be.  These areas will usually have a culture, creative, environment with access to entertainment, beauty, art, culture, and  creativity.


Strong Long-Term Multifamily Demand Fundamentals: Demographically driven markets with strong exposure to education and health services, technology employment and/or government employment. Job Creation and Intellectual Capital are key factors. Locations that are Job Engines today and in the future; such as hubs for Venture Capital.

Close To a Giant Shopping Mall

Huge retail cetners offer employment, and a great opportunity for multifamily live work situatios.  They also provide culture and the ability for tenants to walk to convenient amenities. 

Close To The Beach

Coastal California has been a strong market for generations and we believe 20 minutes from the ocean is a great place to own multifamily properties into the future

Close To New Development

We look for upcoming areas with sizeable institutional investment dollars pouring into the surrounding areas

Close To a College or Top School District

Families are always trying to get their children into the best schools, so owning multifamily close to those schools keeps occupancy rates high.  In addition often times state and government funds keep common areas up to date and improved. 

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